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Category Archives: John

In the first few chapters of John, I feel a message delivered that says “each of you will have a job to do so don’t be envious and get ‘er done.” John the Baptist says that he’s paving the way for the Messiah and that he is not worthy to be a slave of the one to come. Later in verse 27 of chapter 3, John states that “God in heaven appoints each person’s work” when questioned about more people going to be baptized by Jesus than him. How does this apply to us? Well I think John the Baptist understood that he was assigned a role and he was going to be obedient. Each person has a part in the game. Even the 3rd string offensive lineman that goes in for one play to give someone else a break; he matters. The other thing that I think is significant in the role of the early disciples is that obedience in the little things offers opportunities for greater chances to bring glory to God. Sometimes I find myself asking God why have I not been given the declaration to do something amazing or the opportunity to minister to thousands…Well maybe He wants me to minister to one before I try to minister to the masses. Maybe He wants me to read my Bible everyday and know His Word (John 1:1) before I try to preach it. What I do know is that I need to grow a lot before I can truly be effective. I need to listen. I need to trust. I need to understand why we fall.