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“…by a skilled craftsman.” // Exodus 26:1

This little blurb is seen in many parts of this portion of our reading.  God places an emphasis on the quality of everything dedicated to Him.  The garments that priests wore, the utensils used for sacrifices, and the temple…all were to be made “by a skilled craftsman”.

What does this look like for us today?  God makes it clear that burn offerings aren’t what He desires.  He simply asks for our broken and contrite hearts.  But in our service of Him, what does it look like for things to be done by a skilled craftsman…or is this irrelevant?

I read this and immediately thought of a blurb by Rob Bell (or some other current dude).  His statement was about ‘Christian’ music.  His point was that if music is going to be called Christian, it had better be amazing.  And as we can all attest, there is too much terrible music being labeled as ‘Christian’.  Chris Tomlin has some good hits, but is he really crafting amazing songs of worship?  I find that some of the most amazing worship songs were never even intended to worship Christ.  And the music that was intended to worship Christ is fluffy and weak at best.

Now, not everyone is an amazing worship singer/guitar player (aka Harrison).  But I still feel compelled to sing and play for Christ at times.  I am offering my best, even though it’s not THE best.  Maybe that’s the distinction.  Maybe that’s the point.

I say all this to discuss what it looks like for us as Christians to present our best to Christ instead of just pumping out volumes of work as if we could dazzle God with our industriousness.


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  1. To be skilled means to have above and beyond talent. God is saying that we should use our talents, that He gave us to bring glory back to Him. The product we hand back should reflect Him, as well as the time, patience and dedication it took in producing that work of art, or whatever we do for employment.

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