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“And that you may know that I am the Lord.” //Exodus 10:2

Everything that God did for the Israelites in Egypt (plagues, signs, miracles) was all simply to show the Israelites that He is Lord.  My atheist friends read this and think God is simply showing off to prove how great He is. As if he derives some sadistic pleasure from revealing to us how unlike Him we are.

But in reality, God dazzles the Israelites (and even us today) to make Himself known to us.  And not just for us to know that He is an abstract deity in the sky, but that He is a God that took on flesh…flesh in the form of Christ.  He is the God that invites us into constant communion with Himself.  If God is the source of all that is good, lovely, and perfect; it is not selfish for wanting us to know Him and His power, but in reality, is the most loving and selfless act that can be imagined.


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