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” He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.” -Isaiah 50:4 b

Often, when I wake up, I’m groggy.  I mill around on the computer for a bit, shower, eat breakfast while watching some TV, then maybe I’ll get around to reading the Word.  But I love how this verse paints this image of the Lord waking me up to teach me for the day.  Do we wake up reading and willing to learn from God, or are we too preoccupied with our morning routine, the business that awaits us out the door, or what we’ll make for dinner that night?

This post is similar to the one written awhile back, but it is still a great reminder.  We NEED to be in the Word.  As I type this, I feel like a hypocrite because I know I am not in the Word enough.  Those times that I am walking in step with the spirit through scripture, I am never disappointed.


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